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     Grace Covenant Ministries Inc. has a long, proud history of serving the community of Homestead Florida. Through the dedication of our leadership, pastors and volunteers, we are committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and are here to spread His message. We are open to worshippers of all ages and backgrounds, and strive to lead all who worship with us towards a deeper love for God.

     Grace Covenant Ministries was formed on January 1, 2016 by Pastors Gregory Willocks and Pastor Betty Howard under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Both pastors path were crossed in 2008 when they were members of Faith Christian Center in Miami Florida. In 2015, while both Pastor Gregory and Pastor Betty were serving in their respective ministries, they both heard the voice of God calling them for a mission in Homestead Florida. Pastor Gregory visited Pastor Betty and advised her of the calling that he received and that she, Pastor Betty has to play a vital role within this calling. While discussing this matter on Pastor Betty’s patio, Pastor Betty confirmed the calling by stating that God told her the exact mission and that Pastor Gregory had to play a vital role in this new development. Still skeptical, both pastors decided to pray on the matter before venturing out on a new mission.

     About a week after the initial meeting between Pastor Gregory and Pastor Betty, both pastors received specific instructions, independent of each other from God about the exact region in Homestead where this mission is to be established. Both pastors arranged a meeting to discuss the latest development and at this meeting, it was confirmed that God was calling both to co-pastor a ministry in Homestead Florida. Both Pastor Gregory and Pastor Betty were astonished when they learned that God gave them both identical, specific geographical location where to minister. Both pastors confirmed with each other that God revealed that their parameters should be East of US1 and range from 268 Street (Moody Drive) and 312 Street (Campbell drive). After receiving the blessing from their pastors, the plan was put into motion.

     On January 3, 2016, Grace Covenant Ministries held their first service at The Mayor Roscoe Warren Municipal Park. They continued to meet at this location for 3 months before relocating to The Modello Park. After three years at Modello Park, Grace Covenant Ministries decided that they needed a larger facility to accommodate the growth of the ministry. On July 1, 2019, Grace Covenant Ministries was relocated to the Airbase Plaza where they currently reside and worship.    

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