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     Gregory Willocks is the husband of Genevieve Willocks and the father of Giovanni Willocks. Throughout his earlier years, Gregory was considered to be a very shy person but Gregory was determining to overcome this shyness because he believed that this had no place within his future.  Gregory joined the St. Catherine Youth for Christ where he was required to participate in bus ministry, prayer walk, crusade, person to person evangelism and representing the group at various churches nationwide. Within several months of being a member, Gregory was promoted to Evangelism coordinator where he was responsible to plan and execute the evangelism aspect of the St. Catherine Youth for Christ. Gregory’s shyness took the back seat to the calling over his life.

     Gregory’s ambition was to become a Chief Financial Officer in a prestigious company. Gregory was well on his way to fulfill his dream. After graduating from Excelsior high school with honors for receiving 6 CXC and 1 GCE subjects, Gregory was enrolled in Excelsior Community College where he received is Associate Degree in Management Information System. After graduation, Gregory was accepted in the Finance program at the University of the West Indies. However, Gregory received Jesus Christ has Lord and Savior prior to his acceptance and decided to put his dream on hold because he had a new burning desire which was to know more about Jesus Christ. Instead of enrolling in the University of the West Indies, Gregory was enrolled in Jamaica Open Bible institute.     

     The knowledge that Gregory received from the three Christian Universities that he attended has allowed him to preach the Gospel in a manner that all can understand. Gregory received a three years Diploma in Biblical Studies and Counseling, from Jamaica Open Bible Institute in his native country, Jamaica. Gregory then migrated to the United States and attended Trinity International University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries. Gregory was later enrolled at Knox Theological Seminary where he received his Master in Divinity. Surely, what Gregory thought was an inclination, which was to know about God became his new dream.

    Gregory has been inspiring our community since the birth of Grace Covenant Ministries in 2016. Gregory has led the Ministry with his experience, knowledge and energy under the direction of the Holy Spirit so that the church and all of their activities can be beneficial to the community.

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     Betty Howard started her career as a dishwasher in the Dade County Public School System. However, her career made a drastic change after reading the book, “The Marva Collins Way” by Marva Thomas and Civia Tamarkin. This book expressed the need for educators, who believe that all children can achieve their potential and this inspired Betty Howard to step out of her comfort zone and  become a teacher, which was her dream. Betty accomplished this feat one class, and one step at a time.  She worked diligently to reach her goal while being a wife and caring for four children. Determined and focused, Betty Howard graduated from Nova University with a Master’s Degree in Education and Reading. In addition, Betty published two works entitled “Guidelines for Classroom” and “Morning will Come”; Both works of literature were inspired through determination, dedication, and hardship. Aside from her teaching, she served as a Clinical Supervisor for interns in Dade County. In 2001, after 41 years of dedicated service, Betty Howard retired from the school system.

     After accepting the call of Jesus Christ into leadership, Betty wasted no time. Betty received her ordination from The Evangelical Covenant Church with all rights and privileges to perform the functions of pastoral office. Betty has also served on the National Board of Women Ministry and served as president of the Southeast Conference Women Ministry Board for six years.  In November 2015, Betty decided  to plant and Co-pastor Grace Covenant Ministries with Gregory Willocks.

     A passionate speaker and an inspirational spiritual guide, Betty Howard plays a vital part within the growth and development of our church. Betty is especially attuned to connecting with youth and new members, helping them find their place in our congregation.

Meet our Pastors: CV
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